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Complex Networks Package: News

Below is the list of the recent changes in the package. Check periodically to make sure that you have the latest version.
June 2012
  • The new toolbox version (1.4) was ported to Max/Linux by Guy Kelman
May 2012
  • Added additional, parameter ShowProgress to mexGraphFlowHierarchy . The user can now control whether the method prints progress updates as it executes. By default the method produces no output.
  • Fixed 'both' parameter in several mex-files (the computations on undirectional graph are now correct).
  • Betweenness Centrality is now a bit faster and named mexGraphBetweennessCentrality
  • mexGraphAllNodeShortestPaths method is completely rewritten improving performance and interface. Some bugs in the earlier version fixed. The method can now operate on a list of nodes, runs significantly faster and the output is better arranged.
  • A bug that could result in occasional wrong computation in mexGraphNodeConnectivityFunnel fixed.
  • Code cleanup (few experimental methods removed)
April 2012
  • Integration of the FastSet library for optimal performance (used only by the Dynamic Processes methods)
March 2012
  • Simulation of Dynamic Processes on networks
  • Implementation of SI, SIR and SIS contagions
  • New Dynamic Processes Tutorial