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Lev Muchnik - Resume

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Date of birth: 30/07/1973
Family status: Married + 2

90805, Mevaseret Zion, Ofir str. 3/2, Israel. Tel.: +972-54-4326496
e-mail: Web:


2003-Present Ph.D. studies, Department of Physics, the Bar Ilan University (Israel) under supervision of Prof. Havlin
1997-2003 Studies towards M. Sc. in physics in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Suspended the studies in 1999 due to my work in TopSpin Medical.
1994-1997 Studies for B. Sc. in physics in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Was awarded a yearly Rector Price. Graduated with excellence.


My research interests comprise several realms within the Complexity Science. More specifically, I work on analysis and theory of complex networks, modeling of dynamical systems, agent-based simulations and Econophysics. However, understanding of general network properties, dynamics of network evolution and function, and application of the research methods to the real world networks are currently my primary objectives.


2003-Present - TopSpin Medical (Israel) Ltd . Consultant on MRI technology, MRI-related signal analysis, algorithms and system design and implementation, numerical and image processing. Numerical simulation of experiment setups. Design and construction of measurement apparatus mainly MRI spectrometer and mapping systems.

1999-2003 TopSpin Medical (Israel) Ltd.
Head of Software and Simulations Department and senior scientist in a company developing an innovative imaging technology based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). The main product is a measurement system and intravascular catheter capable to detect atherosclerosis symptoms in coronary arteries.

1997-1999 ORT College
Teaching C++ and graduate projects guidance in the ORT College (for degree in practical engineer in programming).


I have designed and implemented systems of highest complexity, involving components from embedded devices operating at real time and instrument control to high-volume signal acquisition and processing, databases, user interfaces and communication. Such complex systems usually require careful design involving several development environments.

Program Languages and Technologies:

10 years of experience in every aspect of C++ and MatLab development. 5 years - C# and .NET. Routine work with databases, application automation, networking. Acquaintance with Mathematica, WEB technologies, CMS.